Welcome to my website!

My name is Sjef Hertog and I'm the proud owner of a 1925 Donnet Zedel, which is called caressingly Brum by my grand-children.

Brum is a sweet, little, yellow car in a TV-series for children.


My registration number is ZZ-43-20. This special registration has some restrictions:

since the lighting doesn't meet with actual regulations I am not allowed to drive my Donnet Zedel when lighting is required;


since the car has only one drum brake on the drive shaft (and thus doesn't meet with actual brake regulations) I am not allowed to drive faster than 40 km/h.


My Donnet Zedel has engine number 12537 and chassis number 15890
The chassis number normally should be (about) the same as the engine number, but for my Donnet Zedel that is not the case. 
Engine number 12537 was, according to Mr Eric Lepicard (Club Donnet Zedel), produced approximately in june 1925 and indicates a Type G1.
The chassis number 12537 probably has been produced between december 1925 and january 1926. My chassis number 15890 (circa september 1926 in Gennevilliers) indicates a Type G2, but this does not match with with all other characteristics.

The dimensions of the chassis correspond with Type G1.

My Donnet Zedel has a thermosiphon cooling system. Type G2 had standard a cooling fan.

The leaf springs are parallel to the chassis beams. At Type G2 the leaf springs were not parallel to the chassis  beams.

The foot brake (drum brake) is mounted on the drive shaft, the hand brake (drum brakes) on the rear wheels.

The pivot point of the handbrake lever is before the battery container. This points to Type G1; 

Light rear axle (from chassis number 10976 new rear axle).

No rear axle lubricating point on the back of the differential; this too points to G1.

The wings are conform type 1927 (from september 1926 to october 1927).

Since the chassis number is not engraved, but punched in the chassis beam, this means that the chassis number not belongs to this car. We can be sure that the chassis number, indicated on the identification plaque (screwed on the dashboard) comes from an other car. 
In any case my Donnet Zedel is a “G1” from the second half of 1925 with a chassis number, that has to be close to engine number 12537.
There are approximately 4.600 Type G1 build between august 1925 and the end of april 1926. In 2005 there are remaining about 40.

The body is a Torpedo Commerciale, of which later on the hatch was closed by welding.

On the dashboard is a metal plaque with the following text:

Pierre Hargous, Zinguerie, St Etienne – Bayonne (BP).

Probaby Mr Hargous was the first owner of this car. 

1975.00.00.01 Don-0002web 1986.00.00.06

The car was probably imported in the Netherlands in about oktober 1975 as part of an estate, bought up by an antiquairian. After she changed hands two times she was restored about 1985.
Restoration was finished in march 1987 (temporarely registration on 28 april 1987)

I bought the car in 2002 in driving condition, but soon got problems with starter motor and starter gear. Because I did not succeed to loosen starter gear and flywheel I was forced to disassemble the engine in order to reach the crankshaft.
Afterwards it turned out that crankshaft, bearings and valves were in bad condition. Since diecasting babbitt bearings and filling and grind out the crankshaft are very specialist jobs, I left this to experts. Next I reassembled the engine and remounted it to the chassis.

Mid 2003 the car was ready to drive again.