Club Donnet-Zedel

Ingenieur Etienne Lepicard was Donnet-Zedels head of the "service course" (the racing-division) and at the same time racing-driver. He developed in the years from 1926 until 1931 the sports- and racing-models of the enterprise.

He died in 1972.

His nephew Eric Lepicard founded in that same year (1972) the Club Donnet Zedel, in remembrance of his uncle.

His intention is writing / conserving the history of the marks Zedel, Donnet-Zedel and Donnet. At the same time he keeps a register of the remaining cars of these marks. Further he wants to act as an oracle for all owners of a Zedel, Donnet-Zedel or Donnet.

The address is: 

 Club Donnet Zedel
c/o Eric Lepicard
154 rue Descroizilles
76000 Rouen

Correspondence with mr Lepicard is possible in English.

1926 Donnet Zedel Six 037