Data Type G (or G1):
4 cyl 1098 cc (bore 62 x stroke 91)
16 hp / 2000 (max 20 hp / 2400)
Carburettor Zenith horizontal 22
Battery 6 V (from chassis number 12000 12 V 36 Ah)
Magneto SEV type A4, via elastic coupling attached to dynamo-shaft
Clutch: one-disc clutch between flywheel and contrawheel
Steering with worm and cog-wheel
Dimensions L 355 cm W 139 cm H 168 cm
Wheelbase 263 cm
Max speed 60 – 80 km/h
Fuel consumption 8 ltr/100

History Type G (or G1):
January 1924: the development of a new type G was carried out in Pontarlier; but the chassis were made in the new factory of Gennevilliers (Seine), 3 avenue Laurent Cely; the main location of the company became the old Zedel-factory in Neully, 57 rue de Villiers; the cars were completed and stored in the old Donnet hydroplane factory on Ile de la Jatte.
August 1924: Donnet bought a storage building with possibilities of extending in Nanterre, boulevard Clemenceau. In 1926 Donnet produced 20 pieces type G and 15 pieces CI-6 a day, plus several other models and lorries.
Mei 1926: the brand name was changed to Donnet; production of the Type G still took place in Gennevilliers, until the opening (october 1928) of the new plant in Nanterre.
October 1928: opening of the new plant (5 floors of 100 x 100 mtr) in Nanterre, where on an assembly line the new CI-7, aimed to follow the model G2, was produced. In 1928/1929 the locations in Gennevilliers were sold.

2005.05.035-1 Donnet Zedel 

Type G (or G1)

Type G2

August 1924 to april 1926

May 1926 – october 1928

Chassis numbers 10000 to circa 14600

Chassis numbers circa 14600 to 19999 and 50000 to circa 58000

Overall production in Gennevilliers (bodies in Neuilly) of Type G circa 4.600 pieces.    
In 2005 remained about 40 pieces.

Production Type G2 circa 13.400 pieces.
Of Type G2 remained in 2005 about 160 pieces.

Weight bare chassis ("chassis nu") 600 kg

Weight 650 kg

(January 1926: Chassis cross bars relocated)

Chassis cross bars relocated again

Thermosiphon-cooling (From circa 14.000 with 2-blade fan; earlier optional)

Standard with fan

Track 119 cm

Track 122 cm

Leaf springs (6-leafs) parallel with the chassis beams  

Leaf springs bevelled in relation to the chassis beams

Foot brake (drum brake) on drive shaft, hand brake
(drum brakes) on rear wheels.
Pivot point of handbrake lever in front of battery container

Four drum brakes (type Perrot).

Pivot point of the handbrake lever behind the battery container

Light rear axle (from chassisnr 10976 new rear axle)

Heavier rear axle with lubricating point on the backside of the differential